About The StarLegacy Silver Bengals


                Welcome! To StarLegacy Silver Bengals

   The StarLegacy Silver Bengals is in Kanagawa Prefecture contiguous to Tokyo.
   And we are cattery of the small Bengal cats.

   Our Bengal cats are living together with us as a family's member every day.

   They live in the interior of a room of my home completely.

   It is unavoidable for their safety in living environment of Japan.

   We aim at raising silver Bengal with high glitter, a coat like silk,
   and fantastic marking and rosettes.

   Keeping in mind to breeding of StarLegacy Bengals have to get with healthy
   and friendly characters

   The StarLegacy Silver Bengals's having to keep in mind and
   it having to place is that they should be Bengal with familiarity with healthy
   and very sufficient nature.

   All the our cats are carrying out the blood test.

   And for them all, FIV and FeLV are negative.

   Moreover, we take care of their health enough.

   All the kittens of The StarLegacy Silver Bengals carry out a sufficient vaccinations
    and healthy check, and it leaves them for a new home.

   Moreover, our Bengals enjoy a cat show

   Looking forward to the development of silver Bengal in future Japan.

   And I hope to contribute to them.

       Please enjoy our website.  

                              Thank you.